Board of Directors


Back row, L to R: Judith Lane (resigned position June 1, 2017), Maureen Wallace, James E.A. Stanley, Julie Marr, Hector Losier and Lucien Sonier.
Front row, L to R: David Ellis (term expired Feb. 18, 2017), Dorine Pirie, François Angers (term expired Sept. 23, 2016) and Michèle Caron.
Missing:  Haley Flaro, Gaëtan Guérette, Tina Soucy.

WorkSafeNB's affairs are administered by a board of directors consisting of persons appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.

The board of directors is charged with the stewardship of WorkSafeNB, a corporate entity created to administer the acts governing workers' compensation and workplace health and safety in New Brunswick. These are:

The board consists of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, four members representing workers and four members representing employers. WorkSafeNB’s president and CEO also sits on the board as a non-voting member.

Board of Directors
Dorine Pirie
Vice-Chairperson: Haley Flaro
President and Chief Executive Officer:
(non-voting member)
Tim Petersen (Acting)
Members representing workers: Michèle Caron
Hector Losier
James E. A. Stanley
Maureen Wallace
Members representing employers:

Gaëtan Guérette
Julie Marr
Lucien Sonier
Tina Soucy


As part of the board's commitment to remaining accountable and transparent through effective communication, oversight, auditing and evaluation, members' compensation and expenses are available for viewing.

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