Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement provides WorkSafeNB with opportunities to better understand stakeholders' priorities and their opinions, and to learn from their experience and expertise.

We consult with stakeholders on issues that have a significant impact on stakeholder communities through a number of means, outlined below.

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Stakeholder Engagement Sessions

2017 Sessions  Presentations  Summary Reports
December 13 (Saint John) Return-to-work  Debrief report (coming soon)
September 20 (Moncton) 2018 Rate-setting Process Debrief report
June 20 (Bathurst) 2016 Annual Results  Debrief report 
April 19 (Fredericton)    Debrief report 

Policy Review Consultation

The board of directors governs WorkSafeNB and annually sets its policy agenda through its strategic planning and risk assessment process. The board has established a disciplined approach to policy development and evaluation through Policy 41-004 – Policy Development and Evaluation. The results of policy consultation are included in thoroughly researched policy options, which are then considered by the board of directors.

We welcome public comment on any policy issue being consulted on with stakeholders. A summary of the comments received during this consultation process will be posted here for your information. Below, you will find instructions on how to provide your comments.

Current Policies for Consultation

Policy Feedback Due Date
Policy 33-000 – Human Resources Feedback December 15, 2017
Policy 31-500 – Health and Safety Feedback December 15, 2017

Please note: You can submit additional feedback to WorkSafeNB's Planning and Policy Department

To provide input on a WorkSafeNB policy:


WorkSafeNB may publish consultation feedback in reports and other documents. If you wish to submit your comments anonymously, please indicate in the form.

+ Past consultations

+ How can I propose a legislative amendment?

+ Injured Workers' Advisory Committee (IWAC)

Our stakeholders include workers, employers, service providers, WorkSafeNB employees, and the Government of New Brunswick.

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